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Spirit Speaks

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Spirit SpeaksAimed at providing elucidation to many of man’s confusing questions, SPIRIT SPEAKS encompasses questions and answers on life and one’s spirit connections. This illuminating book answers serious questions put to the spirit world from all corners of the Earth by people who wish to know more. Difficult controversial questions are also answered about subjects such as suicide, abortions, guilt and euthanasia; subjects that not many want to openly discuss. Subjects include birth, death and in between, the animal soul and man’s possible future on planet Earth.

Readers looking for answers to questions about life will find it in this clear easy to understand book that explains man’s origin and destination.  It is for anyone who is just opening up to spirit and for those who have a lot of spiritual and psychic experience, and for everyone in between.

Through SPIRIT SPEAKS, readers will have the opportunity to explore and decide for themselves through how they feel about the subjects tackled herein—they are meant to encourage debate and discussion.

Imagine how clever you’ll feel when someone asks you profound questions and you have the answers because you’ve read SPIRIT SPEAKS. Think how wise your friends will think you are. Be astounded when SPIRIT SPEAKS opens up your mind and helps you step beyond the box. Don’t delay! Have your very own guide at your fingertips with SPIRIT SPEAKS. This book TALKS directly to you.

SPIRIT SPEAKS gives a clear picture and answers many of man’s confusing questions about life and death. Step into the picture yourself and find enlightenment. You will be sought after as a good conversationalist on social occasions because you can speak with authority about the illuminating information gained from SPIRIT SPEAKS! Subjects you will have answers to are meant to encourage debate and discussion. You will have knowledge that others are hungry for on subjects such as suicide, abortions, guilt and euthanasia, to name just a few!

It is uncomplicated and easy to read. Content is intriguing and yet covers everything from a basic level of understanding to those with a much higher awareness. For those interested in a future existence this is a must have.

About the author

Live and active (1934- date), I am a psychic traveler and lecturer all over the world. I mind visit space and have been given predictions of our future. I have seven published books so far with another on the way. I teach wherever I am sent. My books deal with the Human Race, where it may be heading and soul journeys. Latest books Calling Earth vol 1 and 11 and 111 deal with our cosmic connection, our advancing or otherwise spirituality as human beings and if we will be allowed to join our cosmic cousins. I teach psychic development in all its forms encouraging others to make their own connections with the spirit world.

Saturday 14th January 2023 - 2pm-5pm. - BOOK LAUNCH - Another Step Beyond the Stairs AND Spirit Speaks - by Shirley Battie, International Speaker and Spiritual Teacher

Venue: 80 Woodlands Avenue, Hamworthy, Poole, BH15 4EF - Contact for details: 01202 676281



Another Step Beyond the StairsSpirit Speaks







Readers looking for answers about life. Communication with planetary beings from other spheres with Predictions as to our future existence. Questions put and answered as to our future on this planet. The angelic realm, spirit guides and celestial beings are questioned by individuals who seek answers.

Another Step Beyond the Stairs offers a pathway to a simple and uncomplicated method of taking the mind to a new level of awareness and understanding. Shirley shows you how to use the amazingly easy ‘Stairs Method’ for meditation which will then unlock your mind, allowing it to enter the next dimension. Through the methods taught in this book, you will start to see yourself in a new way, discovering who you truly are.

You will be moved by some of the stories in Another Step Beyond the Stairs and inspired and intrigued by others. Mir'iam Connelly I have found all of the books I have read that were written by Shirley are impossible for me to put down until the end and then I anticipate the adventures of the next one. The intertwining of personal experience and possibilities rocks the soul.

About the author Shirley Battie is an international spiritual teacher. She works from a highly knowledgeable perspective, sharing her knowledge of higher realities of life, including bridging relationships with one’s star brothers and sisters. Through her channelling Shirley goes on Journeys crossing time and Space.   ph:  01202 517557 

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