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I have seven books published, with 6 available right now. My latest book is now published and available directly from me, or through usual booksellers including Amazon.

A brief outline is set out below, with more information on the relevant book page. Either follow the links below or just click on the book cover.

Calling Earth IIIThe latest in the trilogy, is a must have- CALLING EARTH III. Now available on Amazon as well as direct from me. Check out the CALLING EARTH III book page for more details.








Calling Earth IIMy latest book, the second in the trilogy, CALLING EARTH II is available now, either direct from me or from Amazon.

Link to Calling EarthThe first
book of a trilogy, is a must have- CALLING EARTH. available on Amazon.







Beyond the StairsMy fourth book, Beyond the Stairs, is unfortunately now out of print. It may still be available from Amazon or other online booksellers.

For more details, pease see the relevant book page.



My third book, Spirit Speaks, is also available now.Link to Spirit Speaks

If you have always wanted answers to why you are here and what your purpose in life is then look no further.  This book answers serious questions put to the spirit world from all corners of the Earth by people who wish to know more.   Subjects include birth, death and in between, the animal soul and our possible future on planet Earth. Do interplanetary visitors have a part to play in our evolution or are we alone?  These are just some of the questions addressed in this book.

Again, more details are available on the relevant book page.


Being HumanMy second book, which is available now is Being Human.

One woman is taught through communication with Space Brothers and guides who lead her into the unknown. Psychic and healing ability surfaces to good effect.  This is a true account of astounding experiences concerning the future of planet Earth. Through them she crosses time, enters space stations and learns of their purpose.  The Galactic Federation are assisting us to become more than we are. The Earth is in crisis. We risk an undesirable future for the planet if we do not listen. It is shown that we are the children of interplanetary beings.

For more details please see the relevant book page.


Channelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit GuideMy first book, Channelling - Use Your Psychic Powers to Contact Your Spirit Guide, first published in 2006, may be found from some online sellers but is otherwise now out of print. For details please see my the relevant book page.


What others are saying:

You have what many other authors that write Spiritual books have not and that is an ability to keep it simplistic, exciting, believable and above all achievable even to persons starting out or some of us that have been doing it for some time.

Tony Duncan  NZ

Barbara wrote:

"I just love your books so much Shirley, Wish you had more, I have read them all now. Once you start reading you don't want to put them down because they are so interesting, bit of humour, but they really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Love, love, love those books. Please write some more, I am waiting (im)patiently.

Love you xxxx"

Barbara Reid


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