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I am pleased to provide you with a number of videos, as well as radio interviews. View them by clicking on the videos/links below, or alternatively please visit my YouTube Channel.

New Earth Podcast: Expect the Unexpected with Shirley Battie

The Lounge, Sunday Night "live" with Alex, Elaine, guest Shirley Battie

The Lounge with Alex Lovelock, Elaine, guest Shirley Battie


You'll Never Be The Same After This ! - An Interview with Melanie Easom


Conversation about Judgement with Shirley Battie, Alice Heath & Jackie White


Thoughtful Nuggets & Pearls: You Never Know When You Are Being Lucky


Today’s Conversation: Journey of the Soul - With Sara Jane & Bill Kerins - 22nd February 2023


Sunday Night "live" with Alex, Elaine, guest Shirley Battie  - 13th November 2022


Creating Happiness Podcast - Shirley Battie On Death and Dying! This is a truly special episode. Shirley talks to us about her experience with her recent diagnosis. Her insights and wisdom turn a potentially heavy subject into one of love and hope!

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Sunday Night "live" our guest this week is Shirley Battie  

Carrie Goh is feeling blessed with Shirley Battie 

Shirley Battie - Recorded Live with Jackie White in March 2022 
Courtesy of
Inspirations PLG

Shirley Battie - Recorded Live with Jackie White 
Courtesy of
Inspirations PLG

Shirley Battie - New Reality 
Courtesy of Inspirations PLG


Discerning Consciousness Podcast 
Episode 26 - Interview With Shirley Battie - Teacher, Channeler, Author & Lecturer


Discerning Consciousness Podcast 
Episode 39 - Interview With Shirley Battie - Teacher, Channeler, Author & Lecturer


A recent interview, on 3rd July 2020, with KAren Swain of ATP Media

ET Star Beings Message to Humanity, The Moon, Mars & Beyond Shirley Battie

An Inerview with Jackie White, 9th June 2020

An Interview with Melanie Easom, 1st June 2020 - Are You Just Awakening?

An Interview with David Clarke - March 2020 - Intuitive, author and channeler, Shirley Battie, discusses method of meditation

Shirley was recently interviewed for "Unplugged with Dee and Annie" (Courtesy of Unplugged with Dee and Annie on USOKS Radio)

Unplugged with Dee and Annie - Our third show and what a brilliant show!!

Unplugged with Dee and Annie and the "WORLD FAMOUS SHIRLEY BATTIE"

Discussing ET Channeling and "Other Things"

Shirley has been actively working in the realm of Spiritual Healing, Clairvoyance and Psychic Phenomena since 1990. Now a World Famous ET Channeler, Author of many books, and a well travelled teacher, Shirley speaks at conferences around the world.

Click here for Show 3 : Unplugged with Shirley Battie (opens in new window)

Shirley Battie, Author, Teacher and Channel (Courtesy of Forum Of Reality)

Galactic Channelling - Messages from extra celestials - Shirley Battie

Australia & New Zealand Spiritual Tour (Part 1) - with Shirley Battie & Polaris AB

Australia & New Zealand Spiritual Tour (Part 2) - with Shirley Battie & Polaris AB

Channelling by Shirley Battie - an audio only recording

Walk Ins / Soul Aspect Transfer - with Polaris AB and Shirley Battie

One Individual is all that it takes to change the world

Ascension through Harmony - Soul Whisperers Nov 2012


Soul Whisperers Channelling - October 2012


Galactic Channelling - May 2012


Magenta Pixie interviews Shirley Battie


Beyond the Stairs - An Invitation to Walk into a New Dimension


Beyond the Stairs Pt.2 - The Journey Within


Beyond the Stairs Pt.3 - Releasing Christ Consciousness


Beyond the Stairs Pt.4 - Soul Rescue (Life After Death)


Beyond the Stairs Pt.5 - Meditation Techniques


Beyond the Stairs Pt.6 - A Bright Future Ahead


Beyond the Stairs Pt.7 - The Ascension Journey


A Sense of Spiritual Purpose


ET Verbal Communication and Thought Transfer


Disclosure and Meeting Higher Dimensional Beings


Connections with Space Brothers


Awakening to 2012


Changes During 2012


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